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TimeShift announced for PlayStation 3

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During a press event around a month ago Vivendi divulged a demo of its new look on an old game. TimeShift, the FPS that allows players to manipulate time. When it was originally displayed last month, the announced plans were for the PC and Xbox360 platforms only. This week, Vivendi added the PS3 to their list of systems for the new TimeShift.

The demo displayed showed one level that takes place in an alternate time stream. The megalomaniacal villain, Krone, somehow takes over the country and tries to impose his will on the people. However, with every dictatorship there are inevitably revolutionaries. The initial revolt is so small that it is only a matter of time until it will be crushed. That’s when the player comes in with his S.A.M. suit. In a S.A.M suit, the player can completely control time in a war zone filled with three-story tall mechs, snipers, and other hazards.

Utilizing all of their many technical skills, Vivendi’s Sabre team has really gone all out to make this a true next-gen experience. Using Havok 4.5 and the GIB system, the programmers gave the player the ability to utilize anything anywhere as a weapon or a defensive hiding point. Everything, including time, can be manipulated. You can literally shoot someone’s leg off and they will kneel, shoot someone with a gun in the arm, and he will switch hands, and so on.

Timeshift will also include a multiplayer mode with Deathmatch, CTF, etc… In multiplayer mode, players will only be able to affect time through the use of Chronos grenades. They will allow players to create a barrier to block incoming fire, and may even allow for sending rockets and sniper shells back at their owners with a Reverse grenade. We’ll keep you updated with more information when it’s released.