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Insomniac Games looks to stay independent

In today’s current state of industry deals, it is not uncommon to see a larger company buy out a smaller one. This has happened all across the board in the past few years with one of the more recent ones being Electronic Arts purchasing Bioware/Pandemic, the creators behind Mass Effect and Mercenaries 2.

Insomniac Games, the creative minds behind Resistance: Fall of Man and Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction, is a small studio with a lot of punch in this industry - and from what CEO Ted Price has said, it aims to stay that way.

In an interview during the D.I.C.E. event held last week, Price admitted that he is constantly approached and asked about selling, private equity money to which he has always declined.

While the company currently does not have the bandwidth to develop cross-platform he insisted that it is impressive to look at the great success and sales figures of those companies who do develop cross-platform, as if there is a slight hint that Insomniac may go multiplatform in the future given the opportunity.

However keeping things PlayStation 3 specific, Price said in the interview that in the future, the PS3 will move beyond the typical gaming machine mold and into a more multimedia scheme to garner a much larger audience. This will come, as more users will learn the full capabilities of the machine. Furthermore, Price mentioned that developing games specifically for PSN is something they are currently looking into.

"I think that we are optimistic that PlayStation 3 will continue to expand its base beyond the hardcore gamer as more and more games come out for it - especially as PSN continues to offer more free demos and more content that can be accessed by anybody very easily," said Price.

"We've actually thought seriously about doing a PSN title. It just hasn't made its way into our current production cycle yet."

Currently the team is hard at work on Resistance 2, of which Price discusses about in our recent news story here.