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New PES to be revealed soon!

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The German gaming website is reporting that Pro Evolution Soccer 7 (WE: PES 2008 outside Europe) will be revealed on June 23rd.

The game should make its first public appearence at the Konami Show which will take place in Tokyo. Also the Japanese magazine GameWave reported that they would have a preview in their next issue, which will be in stores on the same date.

GameWave has released the new cover already, which revealed some details:

- The game will be multi-platformed.
- The poor defense is gone.
- It's more realistic and the dribbling animations have completely changed.
- 1 on 1 tackles and offside traps will have better results (controversial calls).
- There will be no lagging with online gaming. The online battles will be more stable this time.
- PES will appear on the PlayStation 3 for the first time!
- Full support of HD; the storage is over 18GB!

You can check out the cover out here.

Lately there have been various rumours that the PlayStation 3 version of Pro Evolution Soccer 7 will be better than the rest of the versions. For instance, according to the retailer Game, Konami licensed the entire Premier League and the German League. It also revealed the PlayStation 3 version would have a lot of more features and modes than any other version of the game. Hopefully  this will be confirmed on June 23rd.

Pro Evolution Soccer 7 is likely to be released in October this year in Europe, and early 2008 in North America.