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Disappointing update on US PlayStation Store

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on 18 May 2007

This is without a doubt the most boring update since the US PlayStation Store began to flourish (yes we are aware the EU one still sucks). With all of the recent updates ranging from decent to fantastic (Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Home Beta, Calling All Cars) we had high hopes.

But all we received this week was a Joust trailer. Yes, that's right, a single trailer for a twenty year old game.

"'s in 1080p!"  So?

Rampage was scheduled to be released today but it's nowhere to be seen.

Thankfully, Calling All Cars is available, which just about makes up for this week's dreadful update.

Go and download the Joust trailer, and check back next week when a real PS Store update comes out. Hopefully.


Members are reporting that Rampage is also available!