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MotorStorm series to "dominate", says Evolution Studios

18 February 2008

Jed Ashworth, Gameplay Manager for MotorStorm developer Evolution Studios, has declared that the company has set its sights on dominating reaction racing for “a long time.”

Speaking to Eurogamer on the future of the MotorStorm series, Ashworth stated, "We have the aim of turning our launch-window title into a sustained, massive brand.”

“We plan to dominate reaction racing for a long time. We'd never aim any lower."

Despite refusing to comment on the upcoming MotorStorm 2, Ashworth did reveal that the company is hard at work on multiple projects, as opposed to the perception that the team is focusing solely on downloadable content for the original MotorStorm.

"The picture some people have of us all working on [MotorStorm DLC] is somewhat off the mark,” said Ashworth. "We're a multiple-project developer now."

MotorStorm launched along side the PlayStation 3 in November 2006, and has since gone on to sell more than 3 million copies worldwide, cementing it as one of Sony’s most successful brands to date.


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