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Five Metal Gear Solid Online starter pack maps revealed

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Those of you excited for a little teaser into the online world of Metal Gear Solid 4 have finally been given it. We realize that that is pretty much everyone, so that makes this even sweeter. Konami has released on their Japanese website, a screenshot of 5 different maps that will be appearing in the Metal Gear Solid 4 Online starter pack.

Ambush Alley
A corner of a war-shattered town littered with obstacles, its central intersection branching off into side streets.

Gronznyj Grad
The now abandoned weapons factory that housed the Shagohod in Metal Gear Solid 3. Contains open areas offering unobstructed views as well as indoor and rooftop locations.

Midtown Maelstrom
This Middle Eastern battleground features avenues crisscrossed with alleyways.

Urban Ultimatum
Negotiate buildings of varying height in this city under siege.

Blood Bath
A kill house consisting of both surface and underground areas.

As you can see, the majority of these maps look prime for close-quarters combat and will result in a lot of lives being taken and blood being shed. The detail and texture work appears to be promising as well. It's safe to say there will be more maps implemented after release, which means we can obviously expect more than just these five. Fortunately, these 5 look like they'll tide us over for a decent about of time.

Konami has also let it be known that expansion packs that will carry extra maps, characters, and other features will actually be released periodically. The date lineup for these releases will be announced at a later date, but you can expect one to say the least.

We'll keep you up to date as more comes into play.