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Sega licenses Unreal Engine 3

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Epic Games' Unreal Engine 3 is a hot commodity this generation. Every big named company seems to have licensed the powerful development tools. The list of developers and publishers who have licensed the engine includes EA, Microsoft, Sony, Square Enix, Capcom, Midway, Namco Bandai, Gearbox, THQ, Atari, and Activition.

The most recent addition to the large list is Sega. In a statement made today, Sega said that they adopted Unreal® Engine 3 for use in several upcoming projects being developed in North America.

Sega of America President and CEO, Simon Jeffery, announced his satisfaction with the purchase of the Unreal Engine saying: "SEGA is pleased to arm our developers with the sophisticated tools contained in Epic Games' Unreal Engine 3" and "Its versatility and power will help SEGA create incredible gaming experiences."

Mark Rein also made a quick statement about the purchase, saying, "SEGA has a long history of innovation and leadership in our industry and we're honored that they've chosen to use Unreal Engine 3."

What games Sega could be planning on using Unreal Engine 3 is a mystery but there are some theories floating around the internet. Some seem to believe there is a very unreal Sonic in the works.