PlayStation Universe Folding Team Enters Top 100

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on 15 May 2007 today celebrated an astonishing achievement as they watched their Folding@Home team enter Stanford's Top 100 Teams contributing to the F@H research project.

What makes the achievement simply astounding is the length of time in which the team achieved this remarkable feat; taking just  two months to enter the top 100.  The team is also the #2 ranked PlayStation 3 folding team in the world; another huge achievement.


The team has leapfrogged some 65,000 other folding teams, some of which have been folding for over five years!  At the time of writing (14th May 2007) the team has just 1,685 CPUs dedicated to the F@H process, demonstrating with little doubt just how powerful PlayStation 3 is as a contributor to distributed computing.

This feat comes following the dramatic TFLOP counts Stanford has revealed for the PlayStation 3 which dominates all other systems pulling over 60% of the total TFLOP count for the project.   In essence PS3’s contribute more than all Windows, Mac and Linux OS’s put together, despite numbering far fewer in total.

What is Folding@Home?

Folding@Home (FAH or F@H) is a distributed computing project designed to perform computationally intensive simulations of protein folding and other molecular dynamics simulations.  The goal of the project is to understand protein folding, mis-folding, and ultimately to understand and even help cure related diseases. For information click here.

Special Mentions would like to thank all of the PS3Forums members who participate in the Folding@Home project and we’d also like to extend special thanks to our Top 5 active contributors and founding member Lionel Hutz.

Zoshk -  418 WU’s
ELDYnEDDY – 237 WU’s
themali – 226 WU’s
DrJohnFever – 284 WU’s
davbere – 213 WU’s

How to Join Our Team

While running the program on your PS3:

1. Press "Triangle" to bring up the options menu.
2. Click on "Identity."
3. Click "Join an existing team."
4. Type in "54376".
5. In the "Identity" option, you should also select "Change Donor Name," and change it from "PS3" to what you want to be known as (i.e. Your forum name or PSNID).


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