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Rock Band to get Earache on March 20

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on 15 March 2008

Don't get us wrong, we don't have an earache from listening to Rock Band, in fact, we can't get enough of it. Conversely, Rock Band will soon receive the Earache Thrash Pack as its next batch weekly downloadable content. The following master tracks will be available for download next Thursday.

"Blinded By Fear" by At the Gates

"Thrasher" by Evile

"D.O.A." by The Haunted

The songs can be purchased for $1.99 individually or for $5.49 as the Earache Thrash Pack. Be sure to check out for stories and background on the tracks this coming Tuesday. Check back weekly as we keep you updated on upcoming Rock Band content, possibly including the announcement of a release date for "Still Alive" by the demented AI GLaDOS.