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Warhawk Expansion: Operation Broken Mirror details

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It's not surprising that Warhawk is still one of the most played games for the PlayStation 3, with its high-flying combat antics and addictive gameplay formula.

With that said, the next Warhawk expansion, Operation Broken Mirror, will be hitting European PSN stores sometime in April. While there is no exact date yet, it is definite that it will be released after the v1.3 patch which is supposedly slated for April 2.

The expansion will add a new level called Vaporfield Glacier, as well as the Armored Personnel Carrier (APC) vehicle. The look of the APC will vary depending on whether your playing as a Eucadian or a Chernovan while a "speed boost" feature will also help while in enemy territories. Six players will be able to shoot out of the APC which will also act as a spawn point for the team. Last but not least, the APC can also create a forcefield to protect any ground troops who are near it.

While there is no word on the price in Euros or dollars, it has been priced for the UK at £3.99.