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UK PS3 sales rise 73 per cent over Easter break

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on 28 March 2008

UK PlayStation 3 sales increased significantly during the Easter break this past weekend, as sales of the Sony platform console continue to surpass those of the Xbox 360 on a weekly basis.

According to ChartTrack data, both consoles experienced a leap in sales over the Easter holidays, with PS3 increasing by 73 per cent, and the Xbox 360 rising by 78 per cent.

Furthermore, software sales are also believed to have increased substantially as parents and school children alike took advantage of the Easter period.

Speaking to MCV, ChartTrack’s Dorian Bloch commented, “Week 12 fell during Easter so we saw software and hardware up across the board.”

“PS3 and Xbox 360 are pretty much neck and neck at the moment, with PS3 slightly ahead. Software was up, and the formats that Rainbow Six Vegas 2 appeared on did especially well.”

Bloch predicted that the release of the GT5 Prologue bundle would ignite yet another spark in PS3 sales, adding, “The release of GT5 Prologue and its bundle will see a further rise on PS3 after its release. PS3 has been outselling Xbox 360 for some time, but last week they were pretty close. In terms of sales so far this year, PS3 is ahead.”

“Some schools are on holiday so next week will be similar, as there are a lot of product slated for March 28th. We’ve seen bumper sales this week and we can expect the same for next week,” he concluded.