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DualShock 3 to hit Europe on May 2?

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Apparently PlayStation Only has received word from a "reliable source" that Europe can expect the DualShock 3 to finally hit shelves come May 2. Though this date isn't confirmed officially by Sony, it would still seem to be a very plausible rumor worth taking seriously. With North America receiving the controller in mid-April, it seems fitting that Europe would receive it a couple of weeks later or up to a month.

The DualShock 3 was released with rumble support and the majority of first-party titles currently support that feature while a fair amount of third-party titles do also. With more and more games being released that will provide that experience to the user, it seems as though the importance of releasing this controller as soon as possible would rank higher than it has been. The DS3 has been out in Japan for what seems like forever now and its about time the rest of the world is given the chance to buy one without going through an import website or eBay.

We'll keep you up to date if anything is confirmed around this rumor and the release date of the controller into the European market.