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New Destiny update hits PS4, patch notes

Check out the new Destiny update for the PS4 and find out how Bungie is continuing to tweak its shared-world shooter despite the impending Destiny 2 release.

on 21 April 2017


Bungie has launched a new Destiny update for PS4 and Xbox One, offering a number of fixes for its shared-world shooter including polishing up the game’s raids, Eververse store, quests, and other key areas.

While the former Halo developer is focusing much of its efforts on the hotly anticipated Destiny 2 release this September, the studio has previously said that it has no intention of stopping support for the original game anytime soon. Don’t forget however that you can sign up for the Destiny 2 beta that kicks off this summer.

The new Destiny update coincides with the launch of the latest Trials of Osiris event, which kicks off today at 10.00am PST and runs until Tuesday, 2.00am PST. Check out the full Destiny update patch notes below, courtesy of Bungie’s official website

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Destiny Patch Notes


  • Fixed a crash when respawning with Knuckles of Eao active


  • Fixed an issue where the Elimination round timer was stopping indefinitely when a Guardian was killed immediately after being revived in high-latency matches
  • Fixed an issue where some Flawless Trials of Osiris runs prior to the Rise of Iron Release were not being counted in the Record Book
  • Added invisible physics to prevent players from standing outside the intended playable space on Rusted Lands


  • Fixed an issue where Treasures of Ages earned from completing Activities each week were previously not stacking
  • Fixed an issue causing some Sterling Treasures to not drop Desolate Armor
  • Added change that prevents duplicate rewards of the new Ships in the Treasure of Ages


  • Fixed an issue where Eris was not selling Runes for Court of Oryx


  • Fixed an issue where the Weekly Heroic Story Playlist was not progressing the Pushing Back the Darkness quest step of the "A Tale of Two Guardians" quest


  • Fixed an issue where viewing characters on Bungie.net or in 3rd party tools could cause some Record Book objectives to change state incorrectly, often resulting in a notification