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Yamauchi hints at enhanced visuals in GT5

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on 4 April 2008

Kazunori Yamauchi, creator of Polyphony Digital’s multi million selling Gran Turismo series, has hinted that the upcoming fifth instalment in the franchise may contain several visual enhancements over its predecessor, GT5 Prologue.

Speaking to, Yamauchi commented, “In terms of quality we've been able to establish a benchmark in this version, but I think with GT5 there will be additional refinements, perhaps to the lighting and maybe the weather... weather effects."

He also said that the gap between real-time computer graphics and non-real time computer graphics is something that he feels the team will strive to overcome at some point, adding, "Real-time computer graphics are about 10 years behind non-real-time computer graphics like you see in movies.”

"I think that gap is what we'll be trying to fill in the years to come."

Recently, Yamauchi also confirmed that car damage is to be implemented in GT5 Prologue by way of a downloadable update, possibly as soon as fall 2008.

Stay tuned.