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Haze demo, 4-player co-op both announced

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Ubisoft has announced that you can finally expect a full playable demo of Haze to show up on the PlayStation Network during early May.  While many gamers are tired of the delays and constant pushbacks, this serves as a nice reminder that Haze is just around the corner.  Ubisoft is expectedly giving gamers a chance to satisfy their thumbs and fingertips with a demo prior to release in order to reinitiate the hype around the title.

On top of the demo, players will be given full control of 4-player co-op as well.  This is something that will be a warm welcoming from all gamers wanting to check out Haze.  Ubisoft has said that the co-op play will be fully functional in allowing users to simply drop-in and drop-out of play as they like. 

Haze is set to release near the end of May and we'll have you covered with a complete review of the upcoming title.  Keep checking back as we update you with a confirmed date at a later time.