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Destiny 2 dev issues apology over offensive armor design

The developer behind Destiny 2 has issued a swift apology after it was brought to their attention that a piece of armor in the game mirrored that of an Internet-based hate symbol.

on 13 September 2017


Bungie has issue an apology after including a piece of armor Destiny 2 that features strong similarities with that of the Kekistan flag

The design of the armor features branding that resembles the fictional country, which according to anti-racism campaigners, is modelled on a war flag from Nazi Germany. 

The Washington-based game developer has confirmed that some instances of the hate symbol have been removed already, with more to be wiped in a future update.

"It's come to our attention that a gauntlet in Destiny 2 shares elements with a hate symbol," said Bungie. "It is not intentional. We are removing it.

"Our deepest apologies. This does not represent our values, and we are working quickly to correct this. We renounce hate in all forms."

Pete Parsons, Bungie’s CEO, also Tweeted: "Our company values place the highest emphasis on inclusion of all people and respect for all who work with us or play our games."

Despite this, some users have criticised Bungie’s actions for its swift deletion of the offending material:

"Bungie just doesn't want their brand to be connected to a group of trolls from 4chan. I think it's pretty understandable," one user wrote on Reddit.

Another added: "They could have easily removed it quietly without a peep and no-one would've known the wiser, but they just had to comment on a made-up fairytale land as being a hate symbol."

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Source: BBC