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Super Stardust HD Team Pack coming soon

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One of PlayStation Network's most popular and fun games will be receiving a second downloadable add on in the near future. The Housemarque team recently released the 'Solo' pack a couple of weeks ago, expanding the single player experience with three fantastic new modes.

The Team Pack, unsurprisingly, will expand the multiplayer element and a few other cool features. When speaking to, Ilari Kuittinen, co-founder of Housemarque, revealed that not only would the new pack include split screen versus matchups, but it'll also introduce co-operative play, a ship editor, a "true orchestral 5.1 soundtrack" and trophies. Kuittinen said most time was spent creating the split screen versus mode, which has four sub game modes and "plenty of options so each gamer can tune the mode to suite their tastes." Interestingly, the mode will also account for beginners playing against advanced SSHD enthusiasts with a "skill balancer".

At the end of the interview, future additions were hinted at. Specifically, we could be seeing a mode called "twin gun" as well a music-generated levels.

Housemarque has done a fantastic job keeping SSHD feeling fresh, exciting and addictive, and it doesn't look like that's going to change.