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CNN claims GTA IV is training kids to kill

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CNN's Glenn Beck has launched an attack on Grand Theft Auto IV and modern pop culture, by saying that the game is helping train gamers to become killers, live on US television.

Kotaku spotted a video on YouTube of Beck’s rant, in which he encourages parents and members of the public to be weary about the game, which you can view below.

Beck said: "If you think that video games are just harmless fun, which everybody always says, you should know that our military and our leaders at the Pentagon have never seen it that way.

"GTA 4 is projected to sell nine million copies just by the end of the year. That's $450 million just in sales. And who says crime doesn't pay?

“It took 75 years and countless billions of dollars to train our soldiers to kill. Today 60 bucks buys your kid the same thing. Whatever happened to Pong?”

We think it's ridiculous, but we'd still love to hear what you think about this below.