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MGS4 Limited Edition version confirmed for PAL regions

With its release a bit over a month away, more MGS4 information continues to trickle out; however, this time it speaks volumes to the PAL regions.

Play.com is listing the Metal Gear Solid: Guns of the Patriots box set which confirms the rumors of a special edition packaging of the game.

The Limited Edition will include:

* 6″ Old Snake ‘Olive Drab’ action figure
* “The Making Of Metal Gear Solid 4″ documentary on Blu-ray Disc
* Official Metal Gear Solid 4 soundtrack

The price is £79.99, approximately €101.

Before this revelation, European PS3 owners looking for the limited edition packaging would have had to import the game from Japan or North America but that would have left them out of the Metal Gear Online experience. Obviously this announcement allows hardcore Metal Gear Solid fans to get the best of both worlds, so if you haven't done so already -- go out and pre-order this limited edition pack.

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