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Survey reveals PS3 is 'teen favourite'

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on 16 May 2008

Sony’s PlayStation 3 videogames system has been voted the “console choice for teens” following a Global Youth Survey conducted by Habbo. 

A total of 58,486 individuals aged between 11-18 spanning 31 markets took part in the survey, of which 69 per cent labelled the PS3 as either ‘good’ or ‘great’. The Wii followed with 64 per cent and the Xbox 360 at 58 per cent.

PS3 was favoured in every category other than 11-12 year olds, where Nintendo’s Wii came out on top and proved more popular with girls up to the age of 16, becoming the “favoured female choice overall.”

Survey organisers commented: "The results of this survey are interesting as it gives us an insight into which brands these teens aspire to as the level of ownership does not correspond to the consoles' popularity.”

24 per cent of teens asked owned a Wii, with 21 per cent owning a PS3, and 23 per cent possessing an Xbox 360. Furthermore, 20 per cent are planning on buying one of the three consoles in the future, with Wii and PS3 the most popular candidates.

The report added: "As Sony and Xbox strive to broaden their console's appeal, from hardcore to casual gamer, the results of the survey seem to indicate that gender, not previous gaming experience, determines console choice. Regardless of their level of interest towards gaming boys prefer the PS3 and girls prefer the Wii."