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Konami: No gun metal grey PS3 for UK

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on 20 May 2008

Konami has said that there are no plans to release the limited edition gun metal grey PlayStation 3 console in the UK.

When asked on the possibility of the limited edition hardware bundle - which is currently available to consumers in North America - coming to UK shores, a spokesperson told Eurogamer, "Nope, sadly not.”

“The only bundle we are doing is the special edition with figurine."

As previously reported, the bundle consists of the official soundtrack CD, a Solid Snake action figure, and a special “Making Of” documentary Blu-ray disc.

However, new adopters keen on snapping up Metal Gear Solid 4 may be interested to learn that Sony will be offering up a PS3 console, a copy of the game and a Sixaxis pad for EUR 439, although a spokesperson was keen to note, "I believe we will only be getting the standard black PS3 with the MGS4 bundle."

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots is due out on June 12.