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GRID retail version better than demo

After the many debacles with the GRID demo, most notably the comparison videos, the full title is finally set to release in just under two weeks. With that release just around the bend, Executive Producer, Gavin Raeburn (Uncle Chewy), has stated that the game has made several improvements in comparison to how the demo played.

While he has stated that the PlayStation 3 version runs at 30FPS 99% of the time, it still leaves you wondering how developers can't even manage 30FPS 100% of the time this far into the consoles life cycle.

"Just a few updates: Firstly, we v-sync every frame, but allow the game to overrun if needed, which is very rare and is much preferable to a complete frame drop. Secondly, our performance tests show that the 360 is running at a rock solid 30fps and the PS3 rarely drops, being rock solid 99% of the time. San Fran in the demo is probably our worst performer when the action gets really heavy on a couple of those long straights.

"Thirdly, we don't lead on any platform. We have dedicated teams on each platform as that is the only way to get the best from each of them. Fourthly, there are some extra performance improvements between the demo and release on PS3 as we were tuning right to the last minute. This should be apparent in our forthcoming reviews. Just to be on the safe side, we also have some further improvements lined up our patch."

Outside of the issue of having a possible dip in framerate, the game may also require a patch come release.