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Guitar Hero World Tour to decimate your wallet

on 24 May 2008

Few video games have ever been as mainstream as Guitar Hero. If there's one aspect that your father's business partner and your cousin's girlfriend have in common, it's that both have likely played the now-famous music franchise. With the recently revealed Guitar Hero World Tour set to debut later this year, the series can only become more and more approachable, right?

Wrong, at least if Gamestop's posted prices are anything to go by. The retailer has listed the "Guitar Hero World Tour - Band Kit" as $189.99 for PS3 and $179.99 for PS2 (USD). The bundle will presumably come with the game as well as the guitar, drum set and microphone peripherals.

Once again, if these prices are indeed accurate, the game will be $20 more expensive than the Rock Band Special Edition Bundle. Then again, World Tour's drums have been confirmed as wireless, whereas the Rock Band set had a pesky cord. Additionally, if you're only seeking killer guitar riffs, the "Guitar Hero World Tour - Guitar Kit" is listed at a slightly more reasonable $99.99 (for both platforms).

Finally, keep in mind that these prices aren't official. Gamestop often receives pricing information in advance, but they also occasionally place estimates on the cost of certain games in order to put it up on their site for pre-order. We'll keep you updated if Activision or RedOctane's official pricing scheme is any different from the one mentioned above.