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New Dark Sector screenshots and trailer

on 10 May 2005

One year ago, the Canadian independent development team Digital Extremes revealed the very first look at the next generation with a quick, gorgeous game called Dark Sector. One year later, a brand new video has appeared giving gamers a new taste of what the next-generation holds, and it's much prettier and impressive than before.

The two-minute trailer is not a pre-rendered movie. It's officially in-game footage. The trailer shows off in-game graphics, physics, sound, and gameplay, and it displays several key hallmarks we'd all hoped to see in next-generation games.

For example, the enemy guard shows off effective, believable facial expressions. The polygon count on each character is incredibly high, and the texture work is gorgeous. The characters move with smooth motion, and the special effects, from the particles, smoke, and fire, are all top-quality.