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Kojima: "Metal Gear will always be around"

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With the release of Metal Gear Solid 4 creeping up in less than two weeks, Mr. Kojima has been pretty vocal on the direction of the franchise -- even if he may not have a direct impact on it.

Speaking to Reuters, Kojima revealed a few tidbits of information on the series that he created. The famed founder recognized the amount of pressure the latest installment in the Metal Gear franchise has placed on his shoulders. This load of pressure is what drove Mr. Kojima to strive for nothing short of perfection when developing the game. This caused him to push harder and to constantly set the bar higher, responding to what he calls "positive pressure."

Although he has made it public that this would be Solid Snake's final mission, Mr. Kojima mentioned that "MGS will always be around," so long as the fans asked for it, he felt that it was his responsibility to continue the series. However, his subsequent roles may require him to take a more backseat role as he preferred the new staff to take control of any new sequels.

Possibly alluding to a future Metal Gear movie, Mr. Kojima expressed positive opinions regarding the shift that video games have been taking as the latest form of digital entertainment. With the lines between gaming and Hollywood becoming more and more blurred, he expressed that it may not take too long before a new kind of convergence may occur.