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Call of Duty 4 Double XP weekend begins Friday

In celebration of Call of Duty 4 retaking the #1 spot on Xbox Live, Infinity Ward's Director of Communications and Community Manager Robert Bowling announced that starting that this Friday, PS3 and Xbox 360 users will be playing for double XP all weekend.

"Thank you to everyone who consistently continues to play the game every night! To show our appreciation, as always we’re going to be holding a Double XP Weekend this weekend starting Friday morning and going till Monday," Bowling wrote.



"The Double XP will be available in all playlists and will be on both Xbox 360 and PS3," he continued. "In addition, we will be tweaking all the playlist map rotations a bit so that the Variety Map Pack no longer shows up 2:1 to old maps. Therefore all maps (old and new) have an equal chance to come up in map rotation, so you won’t be seeing Chinatown pop up 8,000 times or any other new map over and over again."

So if you need some extra experience points to boost your stats and unlock that elusive tenth prestige rank, gear up to be online all weekend.