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SEGA expecting strong sales for The Incredible Hulk

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on 5 June 2008

SEGA has said that the publisher is expecting its upcoming movie tie-in The Incredible Hulk to turn in a solid performance when the game hits shelves this summer.

Speaking to MCV, Ben Payne, Product Manager for SEGA UK, commented: "The Incredible Hulk is Marvel's second biggest property, so awareness of the character is high. As usual, the success of any film tie-in video game is linked to the film itself.”

"Thankfully this film is going to be massive, and is well timed, in that it gives Indy IV its deserved moment in the spotlight, and is released two weeks before Prince Caspian.”

"We envisage the game doing very well, especially as none of us will be watching the football."

Payne further added that the company would be backing the game with a significant marketing campaign, adding, "We are replicating our Iron Man cinema activity for the The Incredible Hulk.”

“Over the opening two weeks of the film which is released on June 12, we will hit 1.5 million admissions across Carlton Screen and Pearl and Dean advertising,” he said.

The game splices key moments from the upcoming movie with various other plot points taken from the comic books. Set in New York City, players will have the opportunity to destroy multiple objects throughout the open-ended world, some of which can be utilized as makeshift weaponry in an effort to aid Hulk as he battles against legions of gigantic foes.

The Incredible Hulk hits PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3 on June 5th in US, June 27th in UK.