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Church wants more than apologies from Sony

on 17 June 2007

So it appears the Church of England wants a little more than apologies from Sony in the Resistance: Fall of Man scandal. It received the following statements from David Reeve's, SCEE Vice President last Friday:

"Please understand that Resistance: Fall of Man is a work of science fiction…

We do not accept that there is any connection between contemporary issues of 21st century Manchester and a work of science fiction in which a fictitious 1950’s Britain is under attack by aliens…

It was not our intention to cause offense by using a representation of Manchester Cathedral in chapter 8 of the work. If we have done so we sincerely apologize.

In conclusion we note that you are consulting lawyers. We confirm that it is our policy to seek all necessary permissions for our products and services, and we believe with this particular work we have done so."

The Church has now replied:

"We acknowledge the admission by Sony that the building in the game is Manchester Cathedral. We thank Sony for the apology they have made.

However, we do not move from the position that we are against violence and especially the gun violence seen in this portrayal of the Cathedral.

We are pleased that Sony wish to come and meet with us in Manchester as today we offered them such an invitation.

In the meeting with Sony we will discuss our outstanding demands, how this game came to be produced and where the images of the Cathedral came from."

Sounds like someone is itching for donations. Check back to see how this resolves.

Source: Game Politics