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Disgaea 3 to receive monthly expansions

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We didn't think it was possible to expand upon a universe that already delivers countless hours of gameplay; however, Nippon Ichi has found a way by setting up a monthly expansion pack for Disgaea 3, through 2008 in Japan. There has been no clarification as to if this will make its way over to the North American or European regions as well, but much like the rest of you RPG-starved gamers, we're hoping so.

Said to begin on June 27, these monthly expansions will include not only playable characters, but new scenarios as well. As for the pricing point? Well, that's expected to hit the Japanese store at a meager 100 yen per pack, which is a steal for a game that already offers up so much out of the box.

One thing that could potentially be on the horizon, is the inclusion of these new characters and scenarios within the release of the title in North America. That's set to happen in August and hopefully we'll find out more before then. If any more news pops up regarding the situation, we'll be sure to keep you up to date.