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Medal of Honor: Airborne to be PS3 launch title?

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on 15 June 2005

The game - currently referred to as Medal of Honor Airborne - has been in development for six months and is intended to be a PS3 launch title, according to sources close to EA. The game will be, surprise-surprise, a First Person Shooter following a group of paratroopers, making no real departures from essence of the previous games.

Whilst there is no mention of an Xbox 360 version, it seems unlikely that the title will be exclusive to PS3 - previous Medal of Honor games have appeared across all three main formats. The only other console other than PS3 to be on the market next spring will be the 360, which means that the Nintendo Revolution version (if one is planned) could only arrive in fall 2006 at the earliest.
The question is, will a cut-down version appear on current-gen machines as well? With Nintendo's Revolution not due out until after PS3, EA may not want to wait for all of the next-gen machines to launch before releasing its new Medal of Honor title.

"We aren't ready to comment on anything just yet," a senior EA spokesperson told a US website. Going on to say that, "Gamers can assume that EA is excited to bring the coolest content to the latest platforms." And "We have an amazingly creative development team down here and they are eager to show gamers just how far they take the next-generation of consoles."

PS3Portal will have more on MOH: Airborne as details emerge.