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Rock Band 2 coming this year

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IGN has conducted an interview with the Lead Designer at Harmonix, Dan Teasdale, and has came away with a bit of information regarding the sequel to the hit-title Rock Band. One of the key points made during the interview process was the announcement that you can expect Rock Band 2 to be stateside sometime before the end of 2008. This may feel like a kick to the face for PAL users as they have still yet to receive the original Rock Band title.

Some of the other points of interest may be that all of your Rock Band DLC will be 100% compatible with Rock Band 2. Unlike Activision's Guitar Hero franchise which continually forces you to redownload and pay for new content with each installment, Rock Band creators, Harmonix, feel that you should be able to transfer this over because it is basically the same game with upgraded features.

Something that will please owners of the original Rock Band is that DLC for Rock Band 2 will also be compatible with their title as well. So this 100% compatibility will be used both ways.

If you'd like to check out the complete interview, feel free to click here.