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Yoshida-san on Eight Days, first party titles and Home

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In a recent interview with ThreeSpeech, Sony Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida spoke on the recent cancellation of Eight Days and The Getaway, as well as providing some insight into pushing first party development ahead of third party exclusives.

Speaking in regards to The Getaway and Eight Days, Yoshida reiterated earlier comments that their cancellation was purely a business-related decision, noting that the team “were doing the right things on the projects, and there were things in the games that were working really well.”

"The projects were coming to the end of the pre-production stage, and that is the time when we evaluate every product," explained Yoshida. "There are many new ideas that sound very interesting, but we don’t know whether they would really work, or how much it would take to accomplish our vision – that’s why we use the early pre-production stage to try new ideas and measure how much it would take to develop the product. Because after that, we would assign more resources to them, and they would really become major investments."

"So, it was not like Eight Days was in jeopardy: it was making progress," he said. "But it was more about business situations and priorities."

Continuing on in the interview, Threespeech asked Yoshida if Sony might be re-evaluating their policy on buying third party exclusives as Sony is still behind in the console race.

“In this generation, it costs much more to develop one product, it’s just natural for third-party publishers trying to recoup the investment from multiple platforms,” said Yoshida.

“I think that’s pure economic pressure, pushing most of the third parties to move from some exclusive titles to more multi-platform titles. Because we know that is the trend, we, as a company, can invest in our first-party studios; in terms of exclusive titles, our role becomes more important.”

"As far as I can see, with major publishers like Activision and EA, their major titles will be day-and-date with the Xbox 360 and their quality will be really good," he said.

"And some of the titles, I expect, will have something extra because of the PS3’s abilities and the space on the Blu-ray format."

Elsewhere, Yoshida also touched base on PlayStation Home, reiterating the company's commitment to releasing the online social networking platform sometime this fall.

"With the timing of the launch, we’ve always set target dates, such as the end of last year or spring of this year, but our problem is always implementing features, testing with beta users, getting feedback and making modifications, he stated.

"When we become confident that it is good enough to make it available to all users, that would be the right time."

"We have been making good progress, but recently, we have been thinking that this fall is the timing we will work towards,"