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PlayTV release date announced; will record whilst playing games

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The rollout of PlayTV in Europe will begin in just under two months time. The first country to receive Sony's clever little Freeview box will be the UK on September 10 followed by the rest of Europe by December.

PlayTV is Sony's digital video recorder with built-in Freeview for PlayStation 3. It will let you watch digital TV, browse what's on with its slick Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) and let you record a different channel to the one you're watching. You'll be able to set it to record entire series of programmes as they're shown, as well as record whilst playing games.

That last part was a hefty challenge for Sony, but David Reeves, President of SCE Europe, said it was planned right from the start.

"It was very difficult for some of the tech guys but we had to include it in the firmware upgrade, 2.41, but it's done now."

So come September 10, and assuming you get hold of a PlayTV unit, you'll be all ready to go. Reeves has previously revealed that PlayTV will retail for €99, but a UK price has yet to be announced. Those of you in Australia and New Zealand will also be able to get your hands on the sexy device in January or February.