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Sony may increase Blu-ray shipments by 600%

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According to an article from Bloomberg News, Sony recently declared that it might increase shipments of Blu-ray players in the U.S. by 600% this year, since the company believes Blu-ray sales will climb rapidly following the exclusive release of several blockbuster films on the high-def DVD format in the near future.

Sony’s Blu-ray players have faced competition for the new high-definition DVD market from rival products, such as the HD DVD player backed by Toshiba, since its release. However with four of the eight major film studios now backing Blu-ray exclusively and only one (Universal) supporting HD DVD exclusively, Sony has a major advantage.

According to senior vice president Randy Waynick, last year Sony shipped less than 100,000 Blu-ray players in the U.S. but we can now expect to see “growth in multiples of five or six times", resulting in the release of up to 600,000 in 2007. The actual number shipped will depend entirely on how competitive Blu-ray becomes but Wayniick is confident that the upcoming release of several blockbuster films on Blu-ray (14 or 15 of the top 20 films this year will be Blu-ray exclusives) would drive up sales.