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GT Vision racing towards 2007 launch

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In an interview published inside Croatian car magazine “Auto Klub”, Gran Turismo creator Kazunori Yamauchi was asked several questions based around the present and future of the GT franchise. As majority of interview was related towards his past and work on previous incarnations of GT games, we’ll quote what matters the most, the future of the game on PlayStation 3.

Speaking to the magazine Kazunori-san stated that the new installment in the series will “hopefully be delivered by the year 2007”. When asked about any significant changes from the existing games on the PS2. He said that Gran Turismo5 will be “100 times more detailed than GT4 on PS2”. Whether the ‘100’ figure was a journalistic or a translation error is yet to be determined but for now, we’ll take it as it was delivered.

The announcement of a possible 2007 release date, a 2 year gap from a previous title, is a welcome departure from what happened recently at Polyphony Digital. Gran Turismo4 suffered horrible delays and almost took 4 years of a development gap after GT3 released in 2001.

We’re expecting more news regarding Gran Turismo 5 at the upcoming Tokyo Games Show (Sept 16-18). Keep checking back as we’ll be sure to update the site for you when some new details come in.