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Quake-Con 08 Rage trailer released

id Software has released an extended trailer for its upcoming First Person Shooter, Rage, showcasing the game's smooth 60fps framerate and high quality megatextures.

According to id Software CEO Todd Hollenshead, the PlayStation 3 version of the title "may look better" than its Xbox 360 counterpart due to storage limitations attributed to the 360's DVD9 discs. Despite the fact that the developers are putting the game onto multiple discs, they still are having to compress the game’s textures, ultimately lowering the quality of detail.

"Today we are saying that Rage may look better on the PS3 than the 360," said Hollenshead. "I think the blu-ray strategy and some of the other things they’ve done in terms how (the PS3) is positioned as a home entertainment device, shows that (Sony) is placing their bet on the PS3 as a marathon runner not a sprint and Microsoft was a little more focused on the short term goals."

Here is the latest trailer from Quake-Con 08: