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World of Zellians coming to PS3 this Fall

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Gameinvest announced today that it's currently developing World of Zellians, a strategic life simulation game where players must create, manage and grow a prosperous new civilization while caring for the well-being of the community.

The game will be released for multiple platforms, including the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii and PC.

“The concept of creating a balanced society in World of Zellians is truly engaging and challenging, and we are designing this experience to be fun and accessible for all audiences – from casual to core gamers,” said Gameinvest founder and CEO Paulo Gomes.

“As the ruler of this society, players will be responsible for developing the community as well as providing a positive influence in the world – creating a very challenging and interactive gaming experience.”

In World of Zellians, players will develop and manage a civilization of villagers called Zellians. As the ruler over the Zellian planet, players must manage a “Maslow’s Pyramid” hierarchy of Zellian needs, and help evolve the primitive tribe of Zellians into a self-sustaining and prosperous urban society.

Players will develop the society by building streets, farms, ranches, watermills, and more. In addition, gamers can also assign in-game “Disciples” for the recurring tasks like planting corn, watering fruit trees, and managing the marketplace for Zellians to prosper.

Players will be charged with protecting the Zellian society from an evil god called Zorm. The Zellians live in darkness and fear of Zorm, and gamers must provide a positive force that brings hope and happiness to the Zellian world. There are many “areas of influence” in the Zellian world that are controlled by Zorm, and players must take control of all these areas and increase their influence over the Zellians in order to succeed in the game. Engage in challenging levels of gameplay to create a balanced and thriving society of Zellians.

World of Zellians will be available for the PlayStation 3 this Fall.