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Wada Sez: PS3 'over-engineered'

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Square Enix has revealed why the next installment of Dragon Quest will not be showing up on the PS3.

Yoichi Wada, CEO of the almighty Square Enix, spoke out to the Financial Times concerning the companies surprise move of its number one franchise to the Nintendo DS. He stated that he wanted to reach the ‘widest array of people’.

Adding to this, Wada-san said how he didn’t believe in all the high-spec wizardry of the 360 and PS3, calling them ‘over-engineered’, and ‘mismatched to today’s environment’.

After the SNES, the series has traditionally been on PlayStation consoles, much like the Final Fantasy series. The next main installments of FF are PS3 exclusives, and are unlikely to change in the foreseeable future.

Although the Dragon Quest series is not as huge in the West as it is back in Japan, the recent release of VIII on the PS2 has, deservedly, drawn in quite a few fans from the US and UK.

At least FF XIII is still on PS3, ay?

Stay tuned.