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Gran Turismo 5 receives cockpit view

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on 19 June 2007

Last year, designer of the famed Gran Turismo series promises that there would be a change of the franchise's core principals and become "a fully realized online car life simulation."

While this latest news may not be on scale with that statement, Kazunori Yamauchi finally revealed a hard fact on Gran Turismo 5 at an auto show in France. In a first for the GT series, players will be able to select a cockpit view with a visible steering wheel and dashboard in Gran Turismo 5.

"To translate the real car into 3D, we use data and assets provided by the car manufacturers, but we also use a scanner that completely digitizes a car," Yamauchi told the show. "Here's a scoop: We're also modeling the dashboards because you can drive from the interior view in the upcoming Gran Turismo 5."

Stay tuned for more news on GT5 when it's available.