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Sucker Punch: PS3 can do "everything you want"

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The Sucker Punch/Sony love-in continues. Speaking to, inFAMOUS game director Nate Fox has put the game's visual strengths down to the muscle under PlayStation 3's hood.

"You have a lot more characters running around, particle effects," he gushed. "Everything you want, more, more, more, the hardware can take it. I think you can see it. The graphic quality of the game is really, really strong."

inFAMOUS is the first PS3 title from the developer of cartoon stealth-fest Sly Cooper. As we're frankly rather sick of telling you by now, it's a third-person action game featuring a lightning-powered protagonist with a taste for parkour and vigilante violence. inFAMOUS is out in the US on May 1 2009.

Videogamer intends to publish a full Nate Fox interview shortly, and we'll be back to pinch any choice morsels of coverage when they do.