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The Agency may feature cross-platform play after all

In his latest interview with Gamasutra, executive producer Matt Wilson has stated that the team behind The Agency is still contemplating cross-platform play between the PC and PS3 versions of the game. Though this remark does contradict lead designer Hal Milton's earlier statements, it provides gamers with a glimpse of hope for attainment of the improbable. While the technology is capable of producing such an experience, the developers seem split on if the PC version may hold a slight advantage over consoles due to the mouse/keyboard combination.

One thing that will certainly be compatible between both platforms is user accounts. If you have the game for both the PC and PlayStation 3, you're able to log in under one character through each format. While this does come in handy for traveling to a friend's house, it still isn't as rewarding as playing with PC owners, which will undoubtedly increase the traffic of play.

We'll keep you up to date when this feature is official confirmed or denied.