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Kiev studio gets first dibs on the CryENGINE2

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Crytek has announced that their Kiev studio has gone into full production to create a game based on a new intellectual property (IP).

The title will be the first game using the companies very own CryENGINE2. Crytek explained that the engine has matured enough to be used on different genres and styles of games for all platforms. The engine is currently being used for Crysis, which will be published by EA, but Crytek would like to venture the engine to its full potential with the untitled game they have in the works.

The company also stated that they want to get Kiev studio up and running at full status. The studio has been building over the past year and a half but has never ventured to take a full project like this. Faruk Yerli, MD of Crytek, states, “The highly talented team that has undergone an intensive training period, and in that time they have made an invaluable contribution to our production in Frankfurt” when asked about the plans for the studio. The game will be a tough challenge for the studio but a job well done will really get it noticed by gamers and the industry.