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Quantic Dream boss talks Heavy Rain play time

on 12 September 2008

David Cage, Founder of Quantic Dream, has divulged a few new snippets of info regarding Heavy Rain, revealing that the hotly anticipated thriller should take roughly 8-12 hours to finish.

“We’re still in the middle of production, so I can’t really tell you the exact time of the game, but we’re targeting a game between eight and 12 hours in gameplay for one walk through,” said Cage, during an interview with VG247.com

Although noting this would prove enjoyable enough for the majority of gamers, Cage was quick to point out that hardcore players will likely feel compelled to play through the game multiple times over in order to unlock everything the story has to offer.

“It’s impossible in one walk through to see everything there is to see,” he explained.

“And that’s going to be OK. For most gamers, they’re going to play it once, and really enjoy it and have a great journey, but some hardcore gamers will want to come back and see everything, and all possible options.”

Heavy Rain is scheduled for release exclusively on PlayStation 3 in 2009.