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Relentless talks PS3 development

British studio Relentless Software is the latest game developer to discuss the shift from the PlayStation 2 to the PlayStation 3, calling the move “a strange journey”. During the interview with developmag.com, the company's founder Andrew Eades, said that although developers did not expect making games for Sony's next-gen console to be “a walk in the park”, they “found it harder than [they] should have” and that only recently is the console starting to reveal its true power.

“We had some missteps in the art style, and that slowed us down - we were a bit worried at first but now it looks like a true next-gen game. Now we've got in place everything we need - with the right technical people and art people – and PS3 is starting to reveal its power to us,” he said.

His statements should come as no surprise to gamers, as it is not unusual for developers to take some time get used to a new console, and only release games which make use of the console's true power long after launch.

However, despite any shortcomings they might have initially had, co-founder David Amor praised Sony for making the transition easier- "PS3 is quite a complicated machine to write for," he said, "but PlayStation Edge is a great help. I remember when I spoke to the Media Molecule guys, one of them said to me 'the Insomniac guys, they've cracked the SPUs, they got it.' So now those tools are available for third-party studios, it's good news for all of us."