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Gearbox explains Brothers in Arms delay

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Gearbox's Jeremy Cooke has spilled the beans on development for Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway in an interview with MTV Multiplayer, citing the PlayStation 3's intricately complex hardware as a reason for multiple delays.

“In previous ‘Brothers in Arms,’ we had farmed out the PlayStation versions to other developers who were PlayStation experts,” he stated. “So we had to build up all that expertise in-house to understand that platform."

Creating a title for three platforms also appeared to take its toll, Cooke continued. "There’s just major hardware differences; you don’t know if your Xbox guy has a hard drive but your PlayStation guy does, and you’ve got 8 cores on this machine and 4 and a half on this machine and some PC users have…who knows how many?”

Thankfully the process of creating the storyline and game content seems to have taken a rather smoother route, and we'll be excited to get some hands-on time with Hell's highway in the coming weeks. WWII, it's all the rage in 2008 - didn't you know?