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Monster announces exclusive PS3 cables

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Monster, one of the world's leading manufacturers of high performance cables for audio/video components, announced today that they will be supplying exclusive cables for PlayStation 3.

Noel Lee, president at Monster Cable stated, "The PlayStation 3 is a state-of-the-art entertainment platform...But experiencing its exceptional audio and video capabilities means it's crucial to properly connect it with high-performance cables - something that's not found inside the box. The PS3's HD games and 1080p-capable Blu-ray Disc movies can be amazing, but not when you hook it up with inferior or general-use cables. That's why we crafted GameLink specifically for the PS3 -- so it could be enjoyed the way it was truly meant to be experienced."

The cables available for the PS3 will range in prices from $30-$100. Here is the list of PlayStation 3 accessories:

- PLAYSTATION® 3 Fiber Optic Digital Audio Cable
- PLAYSTATION® 3 Component Video A/V Cable
- PLAYSTATION® 3 Component Video & Fiber Optic Digital Audio A/V Kit