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LittleBigPiano beta footage

on 27 September 2008

If they keep entertaining us like this, we might be posting LittleBigPlanet videos forever. Fresh from a LittleBigPlanet developer is yet another example of innovation in action.

One of the folks at Media Molecule has crafted a marvelous musical contraption within LittleBigPlanet -- a LittleBigPiano! Kenny from the Media Molecule blog explains how he created the piano, and how he expects to tune his creation in the future (sorry about the pun, I had to).

"Version 1 there uses proximity switches to trigger the keys which in turn makes the piston attached to each key shrink down and tells the sound object to play at the same time. With Version 2 I plan to make the keys trigger by some other means (maybe magnetic key switches?) and have some giant hands which come down and play chords!"

So where is this masterpiece? Right here.