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Real-time Final Fantasy XIII images emerge

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on 29 September 2008

New real-time (rendered using the game engine) video of Final Fantasy XIII recently appeared on the TV Tokyo channel in Japan.

Some early development FFXIII footage rolled as Square Enix president Yōichi Wada discussed the game's current progress. A viewer captured these images from the program (likely by taking images of the TV screen, which accounts for the sub-par quality of the shots). Rendered using the highly-acclaimed Crystal Tools, these images depict Nomchan, a character exiled by Cocoon's dictatorial government.

Once again, these low resolution shots don't represent the visual quality of the game, they simply serve as a "suggestion" of sorts. The third screen is the only one that hints at the immaculately crafted detail in the game. Anyway, enough disclaimers; the images are below.