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PlayStation 4 to be "Wii-tized," launching 2011?

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According to Goto Hiroshige at (as translated by the ever-obliging posters at NeoGAF), certain anonymous Japanese developers have received preliminary specifications for the PlayStation 4.

If Hiroshige is to be believed, Sony Computer Entertainment's fourth home console has been "Wii-tized", being "no more than twice" as powerful as the PlayStation 3. We're not sure it's just to liken such mind-boggling hardware to Nintendo's underpowered money-printer, but perhaps Hiroshige is implying that the PlayStation 4 will be the weakest of the next-next-gen machines.

Sony has apparently pulled all its engineers out of Texas to work on the new console, which is said to utilise the same CELL architecture (plus improvements) as its predecessor. Techies may/may not be pleased to know that the PS4 will use the JEDEC memory type (GDDR3/DDR3) for its main memory, rather than XDR.

Hiroshige has also pulled a release date out of the hat - 2011 or sooner. SCE is, he says, eager to beat the third Xbox to market.

A load of old cobblers or Gospel truth? You decide.