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Valkyria Chronicles dated, U.S. site launched

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Sega has staple-gunned a release date to its fancy cell-shaded PlayStation 3 RPG Valkyria Chronicles, as reported by VG247. You'll be able to get your (North American) teeth into this feast of picturesque strategic action on November 14, with a demo hitting the PlayStation Network on October 9.

The official site is now live too, though Sega hasn't provided a URL and we're jiggered if we can find the thing. Apparently a new gameplay trailer will debut there today, so keep those peepers open. Here's a link to the product page to get you going.

As in Eternal Sonata, combat in Valkyria Chronicles is a mix of turn-based and real-time systems. The plot and setting are loosely inspired by 1930s Europe, albeit with rather more in the way of mini-skirts and stylised hair-dos.